Windows XP is Finally Dead

It took 17 years, 7 months and 16 days to happen, but Windows XP and all of it’s variants are no longer supported by Microsoft. Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 is no longer supported as of today. This marks the end of the Windows NT 5.1 code base, which definitely makes it the oldest Windows version […]

World Backup Day 2019

World Backup Day takes place every year on March 31st, but it is never a bad time to talk about backups and why they should be important to you. Unfortunately for most people, backing up their data is a pretty major afterthought and most people never even think about it. Backups are easier to do […]

SpaceX DM1 Flight

The SpaceX Demonstration Mission 1 Flight has successfully completed as of 8:45 EST on Friday March 8, 2019. There were no issues and this is the very successful first step towards the next flight (In-Flight Abort Test) that will take place in the next few weeks, using the same Dragon Capsule that completed the DM1 […]

Ultima Thule Flyby

The New Horizons spacecraft successfully completed it’s flyby of Ultima Thule (2014 MU69) at 12:33am on January 1st 2019. So far there has not been a lot of information released due to the slow (but steady) retrieval of data from the spacecraft, but the initial images are amazing: I have been following the New Horizons […]

My Year in Review

2018 in General When I decided that I actually wanted to start a dedicated website/blog earlier in 2018, I intended to use it as a way to showcase what I was working on and what I have accomplished overall. I find that I work through a lot of problems and I never share the solutions […]

VMware Workstation and Hyper-V

I recently ran into an issue with my ThinkPad while trying to run VMware Workstation 15.0 when I had the Hyper-V role installed on Windows 10 Pro 1809. Having VMware installed at the same time as having the Hyper-V role installed is not an issue, but it is not possible to run both of them […]