Lenovo Miix 630

I wanted to do a follow up my previous post about Windows on ARM since I have had some recent hands-on experience with this platform. I was able to obtain a Lenovo Miix 630 through a contract that I am working on and I have been using it in a daily basis for the last […]

Commodore History Series

The 8-Bit Guy has been working on a fairly comprehensive history and review of the Commodore Computer family starting from the Commodore PET, to the Commodore 64, all the way to the Commodore C128. I admit that I am complete nerd and I find this entire video series very interesting, mostly because for a brief […]

New Website

Welcome to the new online presence for myself, Matthew Burr. Just a brief background on me, I am an IT Professional specializing in Network Administration and Network Architecture living and working in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and I have been working in this field for almost 10 years. I have worked at many companies during that […]