New Website

Welcome to the new online presence for myself, Matthew Burr.

Just a brief background on me, I am an IT professional specializing in network administration and network architecture living and working in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and I have been working in this field for almost 10 years. I have worked at many companies during that time, in various roles, hopefully making a positive difference at each company.

I own and operate Ten Fifteen Solutions, an IT Contracting and IT Consulting business which I started several years ago. I work with clients of any size, in any industry, so check it out if you want to find more information.

I have gone back and forth on starting a personal website for the last few years, mostly because I never seemed to have enough time to dedicate to it. I no longer have a Facebook account or any other social media accounts since I find the privacy issues and data collection to be far too invasive. I would also like to control my own destiny regarding my data and how it is used, so the only way to really do that is to stop using it altogether and use a lot of fun browser extensions and tools like VPN to limit collection of it.

I settled on using for hosting the website. I went back and forth on hosting it myself, but at the end of the day I was not interested in having to maintain yet another server, so I would prefer to use a fully managed service for something like this.

I plan on using this site for a few things. I will use it to upload things of interest for other IT professionals, share articles/guides that I have written and occasionally ramble about things that will probably never be read by anyone.

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