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Commodore History Series

The 8-Bit Guy has been working on a fairly comprehensive history and review of the Commodore Computer family starting from the Commodore PET, to the Commodore 64, all the way to the Commodore C128. I admit that I am complete nerd and I find this entire video series very interesting, mostly because for a brief time when I was a child I had a Commodore 64 and it was technically the first computer that I ever owned. In parts 4 and 5 of the series, he even has one of the engineers (Bil Herd) that actually worked on the Commodore machines give his input and insight to the design of some of the systems.

Here are the links to each video (plus a link to his channel), which I highly recommend subscribing to if you are interested in retro computing/history:

Commodore History Part 1 – The PET

Commodore History Part 2 – The VIC 20

Commodore History Part 3 – The Commodore 64

Commodore History Part 4 – The Plus4, C16, and C116

Commodore History Part 5 – The C128

He created a playlist on YouTube for these videos (Commodore History Playlist @ The 8-Bit Guy) and I can only assume that he will update this in the future.

He is planning on releasing at least one more episode covering the Amiga, but I was never very interested in that platform mostly because I have never actually used one. I also believe there is a possibility of a dedicated episode about the various Commodore clones.

The 8-Bit Guy Channel:

Update: He has added two additional videos after I posted this:

Commodore History Part 6 – The PC Compatibles

Commodore History Part 7 – Disk Drives

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