Commodore History Series

The 8-Bit Guy has been working on a comprehensive history and review of the Commodore Computer family starting from the Commodore PET to the Commodore 64, all the way to the Commodore C128. I admit that I am complete nerd and I find this entire video series very interesting. This is mostly because for a brief time when I was a kid, I had a Commodore 64, and it was technically the first computer that I ever owned.

In parts 4 and 5 of the series, he even has one of the engineers (Bil Herd) that actually worked at Commodore give his input and insight to the design of some of the systems.

I will update this post occasionally as this series is a work in progress, and The 8-Bit Guy seems to be continually adding to it.

Table Of Contents

Commodore History Series

Part 1 - The PET

Part 2 - The VIC 20

Part 3 - The Commodore 64

Part 4 - The Plus4, C16, and C116

Part 5 - The C128

Part 6 - The PC Compatibles

Part 7 - Disk Drives

Part 8 - The Amiga 1000

Part 9 - Amiga 1000 Expansion and PC Sidecar

Part 10 - Running Mac OS on your Amiga in the 1980s

Part 11 - How the Commodore REU Works

Part 12 - The Commodore 65 - A Rare Prototype

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