Consulting Services

I have received several emails lately from people who have purchased my Practical Guide to PKI with Windows Server - First Edition book and from people who have been downloaded my free guide on the same subject. There isn’t a problem with this, I am actually glad that people are reading both publications and have questions about it, but I wanted to set expectations with people whenever they have questions about it.

I have received a lot of good feedback on both the book and the guide, as well as the original multi-post series on the subject, and people seem to find those resources useful. I have had several good back and forth emails on particular issues and environment issues, since PKI implementations are always different and it isn’t always a turnkey solution. I don’t mind answering the odd question or two when I get a chance, but implementing a PKI is a complicated process in some cases and it is not always a quick answer. As stated multiple times, I am not responsible for issues that may arise as a result of following these guides and whenever I respond to questions. Since PKI implementations can be complicated, I am sometimes hesitant to give quick answers, especially when I don’t have all of the required information.

For complicated questions and requests, I do offer full consulting and contracting services through my company, Ten Fifteen Solutions. If you require assistance with implementing a Certificate Authority within your organization, I can certainly try and assist with that. I also offer additional services as well, such as:

  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Network Security Consultation
  • Cloud Migrations and Hybrid Cloud Deployments
  • Systems Administration
  • Project Implementation
  • Technical Writing

I usually get back to potential clients within 24 hours. My rates are negotiable and depending on the amount of work to be done and the type of organization, I will usually offer a flat rate. If you are having an urgent issue such as your network is down, I may not be able to help you due to timing and availability.

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