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I am launching a dedicated website that is going to be just for documentation that I have created over the years, and for all documentation that I will be creating going forward. It uses Hugo and Netlify just like this website, and GitHub for hosting the Git repository. I have decided to make the repository for the website public, so anyone can download it if they want.

From a documentation perspective, this website will include:

  • Any network and system related notes and documentation.
  • Any relevant OneNote content that I think should be public.
  • Any other content that I think is relevant, such as configurations, diagrams and reference sheets.

I have a considerable amount of OneNote notes stored in my Office 365 account, and I want to publish those online for others to use. As much as I like OneNote, I just want to quickly reference something without needing to login to something. I also want to phase-out using OneNote for a variety of reasons, and I would like the content to go somewhere. I also use Git for everything now, so it just makes sense to migrate it there as well.

I posted the Building a Certificate Authority in Windows Server 2019 in early 2020 and it consisted of 8 separate posts with an introduction post. At the time it was hosted on and it was a bit of a nightmare to write it and keep it updated, so any future guides like that will be posted directly to my documentation website.

I have recently migrated all of my Git repos to GitHub (in contrast to my Sorry, I Don’t Have a GitHub Page post). I decided to make the website on a public repository so anyone could look at the source, but I am not making it a community repository or anything. I’ll probably move this website to a public repository as well, there isn’t anything secret here or anything so there isn’t a reason to keep it private.

The website uses the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The license can be viewed here.

This new website is going to be a continual work in progress, and I won’t post updates about it to this blog unless I need to. I will continue to post items to my main website, it is not going away.

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