Website GitHub Migration

I recently deleted my Atlassian accounts and migrated all of my code from Bitbucket to GitHub. This was for a couple of reasons, but bottom line I am just finished with Atlassian as a company. Their business model is horrible, and they are just not worth it anymore. On the upside, GitHub is pretty much the defacto standard for Git, and Bitbucket is more of a niche at this point.

I migrated this website from to Hugo and Netlify in late 2021. I wrote about this migration in the Goodbye WordPress, Hello Hugo post. I have been very happy with this change, as the amount of effort required to maintain the website has gone to zero. The other upside is the cost going to zero as well.

I decided to make the repository public for this website. I did the same for my website as well. If someone really wants to take a look at Markdown files, you are free to look around.


I originally used the MIT license for this website, but I have since changed it to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The same license is also applied to my companion website.

The license can be viewed here.

Additional Information

I have also removed all sharing options for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The ability to copy the link to each post is still available, should someone want to share any posts on this website. I don’t particularly care for any of those platforms, and if someone wishes to share anything from my website they can just use the regular URL and share it using that method.

If anyone is wondering why I keep a few text files in the root of the repository with copies of links in it, this is a copy of the hierarchy of links for the website. I maintain that list in case I migrate the site to another platform in the future.

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