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Posts published in “COVID-19”

My Year in Review – 2020 Edition

2020 in General So to start off, COVID-19 just completely messed up all of my 2020 plans. This is both with my professional plans as well as my personal plans,…

The Great Work From Home Experiment

To say that 2020 has not been going well would be a big understatement. The COVID-19 Pandemic came out of nowhere and it has rapidly disrupted the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Entire countries were and still are under full or partial lock down, air travel is virtually non-existent and manufacturing is seriously impacted. I won’t even get into the economic repercussions since that will take a long time to determine once the Pandemic is finally over. When this is all over, many businesses that closed as a result of COVID-19 will likely never open their doors again. Businesses that were "already on the brink" will likely not survive as well.