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Posts published in “Microsoft”

Visual Studio Code with LaTeX – Follow-up

I posted an article about using Visual Studio Code with LaTeX earlier this year and I wanted to do a follow-up with some of the additional extensions that I have been utilizing, as well as some of the extra configuration items that I have been using as I have made this environment my primary LaTeX editor.

Apple ARM Transition

It had been a rumour for many years that Apple was finally going to ditch Intel and use their own custom processors in all of their devices, the exact same ones that they have been utilizing in their iOS devices for the last few years.

Building a Certificate Authority in Windows Server 2019 Part 4 – Certificate Revocation Policies

For every Certificate Authority, it is inevitable that you are eventually going to need to revoke a Certificate for one reason or another. The Online Responder Role in Active Directory Certificate Services is capable of rapidly revoking Certificates and ensuring that users in your organization are notified as quickly as possible.

Building a Certificate Authority in Windows Server 2019 Part 3 – Deploy Root and Subordinate Certificates

Once the Certificate Authority has been created it is time to deploy those Certificates to the organization. Through the use of Group Policy with Active Directory, this is a fairly easy task, and can deploy the Certificates to the organization in only a few minutes.