OpenSSH Client and OpenSSH Server on Windows

Introduction One of the biggest and most welcome changes to the Windows 10 1809 update and in Windows Server 2019 was the addition of the OpenSSH Client and OpenSSH Server features. It is now incredibly easy to SSH into a Windows Workstation/Server using native tools that are now builtin to the Operating System. In theContinue reading “OpenSSH Client and OpenSSH Server on Windows”

WSL Changes in Windows 10 1809

I found a really good blog article about the changes that were made to the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in the Windows 10 1809 update (or whatever it will be called when they eventually release it again) on the Windows Command Line Blog. Link to article: What’s New for WSL in the Windows 10 OctoberContinue reading “WSL Changes in Windows 10 1809”

Windows NT 3.51 on Hyper-V

I ran into a few issues with running this very old Operating System as a Virtual Machine on Hyper-V a few days ago. I needed to do this for a personal project that I am working on, one that I have been thinking about doing for a while now. Since I ran into a fewContinue reading “Windows NT 3.51 on Hyper-V”